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Community Bankers

Specializing in helping community banks implement their vision and strategic plan through a process of training, tracking, scoring and coaching. Developing an Advocate-based Culture.

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DISC Assessment

Whether as a stand-alone service or part of an advocate culture, DISC is a key step in your overall success.
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Our main method of tracking is with The Score Report. Minimal input with maximum output of real-time data and results of sales activity, productivity and advocacy.

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Coaching is a critical step to the implementation process. Fact: Less than 5% of managers and supervisors are effective coaches.

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A Core Score will provide the organization and individual manager with information that the manager can control. It is also a leading indicator of where you are headed.

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We are implementers that also provide training as just one part of a process. Over 300 sessions. Delivered in person and web-based.

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Add 10% in Net Income

First impressions are critical. In most cases, the phone call will be the first impression your customers will have about your business. Have you taken the time to insure that your people are remarkable on the phones? Are you better than your competition? Improving on the phones is the quickest way to increase your bottom line.

Employee Engagement

Statistics continue to show that only 17% of employees are engaged in their job. Where do you stand? We build engagement through a process of engagement surveys and DISC profiling.

Do You Get It?

Are you still paying for the latest, greatest training and sending your employees to workshops and conferences with little to no impact on net income and productivity? You might not get it.

Out of Focus

Where is your focus? Too often people focus on the wrong things and as a result end up in the wrong place. As a manager and leader, life becomes much easier and rewarding when you’re focusing on the right things. Here are a few examples… Focused on activity instead of results – Performing adds to

The Whole Truth

If asked, most employees in most organizations will confirm that communication is the top issue they struggle with. Whether it’s gossip, not following the chain of command or the infamous “meeting after the meeting”. These are the types of things that can rip an organization apart from it’s core. What makes this such a tough pill

Your 10% Are Watching

We’ve all heard the stat and there is no doubt it is a fact… 10% do 90%. Your top 10% of employees do 90% of the work or production. Your top 10% of customers represent 90% of the business and are your advocates. As a leader and manager, it’s critically important to understand that you

Taking Selfies or Making Yourself

Thought for the day… You’re either taking selfies or making yourself. It seems as though social media and mobile devices are flooded with the selfie. There’s even a new TV show coming out that is called Selfie. Don’t know what a selfie is? Click here for definition. What we find interesting is that as much as people

Meeting Etiquette – Are You Getting It?

Being an effective meeting participant. We almost didn’t write this article because it seems much too obvious and way too basic. Many of us attend multiple meetings a day and have been doing this for years. You’d think we would get it by now. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. How you attend meetings will have