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Community Bankers

Specializing in helping community banks implement their vision and strategic plan through a process of training, tracking, scoring and coaching. Developing an Advocate-based Culture.

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DISC Assessment

Whether as a stand-alone service or part of an advocate culture, DISC is a key step in your overall success.
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Our main method of tracking is with The Score Report. Minimal input with maximum output of real-time data and results of sales activity, productivity and advocacy.

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Coaching is a critical step to the implementation process. Fact: Less than 5% of managers and supervisors are effective coaches.

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A Core Score will provide the organization and individual manager with information that the manager can control. It is also a leading indicator of where you are headed.

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We are implementers that also provide training as just one part of a process. Over 300 sessions. Delivered in person and web-based.

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Add 10% in Net Income

First impressions are critical. In most cases, the phone call will be the first impression your customers will have about your business. Have you taken the time to insure that your people are remarkable on the phones? Are you better than your competition? Improving on the phones is the quickest way to increase your bottom line.

Employee Engagement

Statistics continue to show that only 17% of employees are engaged in their job. Where do you stand? We build engagement through a process of engagement surveys and DISC profiling.

Do You Get It?

Are you still paying for the latest, greatest training and sending your employees to workshops and conferences with little to no impact on net income and productivity? You might not get it.

Oblivious to the Obvious

We’ve been seeing a few commercials lately from featuring a colorful character named “Captain Obvious”. His objective… you guessed it, stating the obvious. The more we see this character the more we’re thinking he’s desperately needed in the banking industry as well as any organization. What seems obvious to us, seems to be oblivious

Vampires at the Party Store

My wife called a party supply store yesterday that she’s done quite a bit of business with over the past 15 years and has also referred many customers to as well. She asked an employee if they had a particular type of straw for snow cones. She’s currently working on a pretty good sized event

Willies on Ice – Remarkable, Narcissist or Idiot

I saw this video the other day and wasn’t sure if I was impressed and amazed or if I was just thinking that this guy is a narcissist or just an idiot. One thing is true… he is the best at what he does and is a world-record holder and that is remarkable.  It did

Sail Boats and the Status Quo

Take two minutes to read this article from Forbes, “Impossible Is Outdated – Here’s Why“. Sail boats going twice as fast as the wind blowing them? Sounds impossible, but they are doing it. The boats racing in the 2013 America’s Cup were twice as fast as those racing in 2010. Now compare that to your

It Must Be True!

This short clip of a State Farm commercial makes the point… It must be true if it’s on the internet! As silly as this is, it’s kind of sad, the stories some people will believe that are on the internet or Facebook. They will believe them without putting any effort into checking the source. A