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10 Looks To Avoid In Banking

10 Looks To Avoid In Banking

Looks matter

Beauty may only be skin-deep but looks matter. We all know when something looks right and we know when something doesn’t look the way it should. Going to church in your swimsuit is generally not a good look and may be frowned upon. Screaming at your kids in Walmart is not a good look and could likely get you fifteen minutes of infamy on social media. So how does that translate at work? What we say and do each day will have an impact on our work, our bank, and our success. The look you project speaks to your engagement, it speaks to what is most important to you, and if you’re a leader, it will define your culture. In the community bank world, there are 10 looks you want to avoid.

1. Arriving late for meetings

This gives you the look of caring about no one’s time but your own. This also goes for showing up at the last minute. We like the old saying if you’re on-time you’re late.

2. Texting while talking/meeting

Texting while driving is dangerous and texting while in a meeting or while having a conversation with someone is simply rude, annoying, and more than likely, unproductive. Keep your phone out of sight when in meetings. There are very few exceptions.

3. Being a no-show

Not showing up for a meeting that you initiated or one that you committed to attending will speak volumes about your capacity to stay organized and/or lack of managing your time effectively.

4. Weak responses

Not having anything specific to discuss or no success to mention when asked about sales results for yourself or your team. This will give the look of disengagement.

5. A sloppy work area

This is especially important in banking. When dealing with people’s money it’s good to at the least, look organized.

6. Headlining the local police blotter

Avoid this if at all possible. It’s a really bad look.

7. Unable to answer basic questions

If you can’t answer basic questions about a checking account or other products, you either don’t care or you lack the ability to memorize small amounts of information. Either way you look at it, this is not good.

8. Dirty facilities

It starts outside. Are customers walking by cigarette butts or other trash as they approach the entrance? Can you write your name in the dirt accumulating on the bank’s signs? This look is often your first impression.

9. Inappropriate dress

Not following the dress code or seeing how close you can get to the line of what’s not allowed. Don’t let your look offend or take away from the professionalism your customers deserve.

10. Trash talk

Gossiping and speaking negatively about your coworkers, your boss, and your bank. This is an ugly look that has no place in business.

They are watching

Your employees, your customers, and your manager are watching. Make sure you have the right look or your customers may look somewhere else and your employer may look for your replacement. Looks matter so make your’s count.

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