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Our Leadership Team

Our team is comprised of experienced trainers and coaches who follow a proven process of training, coaching and core scoring to implement the vision of your organization.

We have been helping community banks, from the executive and board level to the entry-level employee “get it” since 1991. By utilizing our services you will receive remarkable training, individual coaching and consultation.


Nolan Knight

Executive Director

With nearly 30 years experience, Nolan has worked within all aspects of the financial services industry. Early in his career while working at Landmark Financial Services, he began developing the process that has become SCMG’s unique approach to building an Advocate Culture. This process stemmed from his work developing a sales and service culture between each of Landmark’s divisions, including insurance, investments, mortgage and traditional banking services.

In 1992, Nolan developed this process and culture into a business model and formed Infinity Marketing Group, which is now SCMG that has served over 100 clients throughout the southeastern and midwestern parts of the country.

Nolan is best known as a prolific speaker and presenter, executive coach and implementer of corporate visions.


Scott Sensat

Executive Manager

With over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, Scott has worked at Merrill Lynch developing client business and managing investments as well as managing investment programs in community banks. In 1993 he joined Nolan Knight at SCMG where he began working with client banks on a day-to-day basis to implement an advocacy culture in their organizations.

Scott is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of SCMG and managing the process of implementation. Scott is best known for his management coaching, training and development of new training materials.

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