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The Score Report

The Score Report

Remarkably Priced, Remarkably Simple, Remarkably Effective

Customer Relation Management Systems (CRM) and complicated tracking and survey systems can offer great features, but unfortunately, the majoirty of your employees will find them too complicated or see them as extra work and cumbersome to use. The result – you pay for costly features and systems that your organization will never use or see a benefit from. What if you could simplify the process with a cost effective, results driven, solution? The Score Report has been providing this precise solution to community banks since 1991.

The Solution

We’ve found a balance between user-friendly functionality and robust features that is simple to implement, fool-proof to use, budget friendly for any organization and tracks what is important to your community bank… Results and Advocates.

The Score Report is a tracking system that provides real-time results of your bank’s cross-sellls, prospects, investment/insurance referrals, incentive payments, and advocate referrals.

Detailed month-end reporting

The Score Report allows your organization to finally develop a “core score” for every employee and the ability to know how effectively it is being lead and managed with our automated and anonymous employee engagement survey. The Score Report will ensure that you have the information necessary to compete and win without additional employee cost and frustration!

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