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Stop These 3 Things in 2018

Stop These 3 Things in 2018

Where do we stop?

This is the time of year many people and organizations begin to think about the coming new year. It’s a time of resolutions, optimistic business plans, and revamped initiatives. There’s nothing wrong with New Year’s resolutions of losing weight, exercising, and spending more time with family and there’s nothing wrong with making corporate changes and beginning new initiatives. What is wrong, however, is never seeing any of it through. If the new organizational initiative is going to last as long as the New Year’s weight-loss program (80% last only 3 months), then the best option is to just stop the endless and unproductive cycle. Here’s our advice on what to stop in 2018.

Stop saying and not doing

There’s an old adage that if you say it enough, people will begin to believe it. There’s still another adage that if you say it enough, you’ll believe it. We often think that’s what politicians and news media do. Unfortunately, businesses and even community banks do a pretty good job of this as well.

Here’s the point. Stop saying you provide the best customer service if you’re not actually doing it. Sadly, many think they are doing something because they now believe what they’ve been saying without even verifying reality. How can you know? Try conducting a few phone shops on your branches. In fact, give us a call and we’ll perform some complimentary shops to help put you on the right path. Track the number of customers that are referring other customers to your bank. The reality is that 90% of most community banks don’t do, they just say. Stop saying and start doing!

Stop starting and not continuing

We came across an article recently that gave one good word of advice… Consistency. There’s nothing wrong with a good business plan or a simple New Year’s resolution, but if there is no implementation then it’s best to leave the plans on the table because you’ll quickly lose credibility with your best employees and customers. Implementation requires consistency and in a world with so little of it, it can be the one thing that takes your bank to the next level. Stop starting something new every 90 days and implement something remarkable. And when the status quo protectors attack what you’re doing, and they will, stay consistent.

Stop complaining and not acting

There’s nothing more annoying than hearing a manager or leader complain about their employees’ performance, attitudes, or commitment to the organization. If this describes you, then start by setting clear expectations and non-negotiables. Your best employees will love you for it and the worst employees will most likely ignore or laugh at you because of your inaction in the past. Let that end today. Hold your people accountable. Be fair, be consistent, and take action.

Stopping is doing

Let 2018 be the year of stopping and it may very well be the best thing you will have done to actually get things done to make it a successful year.

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